Don't Say Diet

Welcome to the Don't Say Diet website, my aim is to help people to develop a better relationship with food, by understanding why they over eat, it could be patterns and habits or it could be about feelings. Once we get this insight and awareness we can begin to change and then lose weight.
Having gone through diet after diet in my early adult years I came to the conclusion that diets just don't work, otherwise we would only have to do them once and so I developed Six Simple Steps which mean you don't have to give up the food you love, count calories, drink shakes or deprive yourself. Don't Say Diet doesn't tell you what to eat, it tells you how to eat, it's achievable and sustainable and more importantly it works! Say goodbye to diets and dieting for good, they are a short term fix for a long term problem and say hello to Don't Say Diet, gain control of food and enjoy your life.
iBook Now Available

I have been on this journey myself so I totally understand and the full story about Don't Say Diet is in my iBook which is available to download. It has everything you need to get behind the challenges of being overweight, tackling issues around food and ultimately changing the way you think and feel for the better.