Elasticated Waistbands - Our Downfall in Weight Gain


When I was in my late teens and early 20s, there were hardly any elasticated waistbands on outdoor clothes and I can certainly imagine I would not have wanted to wear any such item. As I have said many times, I have always had to watch my weight and been told I was chubby from being a child and so if I felt the waistband on my skirts or trousers becoming tight, I would automatically just watch what I was eating for the next few days and cut back a bit until my clothes were comfortable again which would not really take that long, it was never able to get out of control.

There were no throw away stores like Primark around and my wardrobe was probably quite limited. If I grew out of one size and into another, it would have been quite a big deal and probably quite difficult too as these waistbands where a good reminder that I was getting a bit bigger.

However as time has gone on and people are getting bigger, we have restored to wearing elasticated waistbands and leggings and therefore expanding more and more into comfort. There is no restriction and no reminder to watch the intake for a few days, it can be ignored and we can squeeze ourselves into these leggings for quite a while before we need another size up. It's a way of ignoring the fact that we are getting bigger until it's more than just a few pounds that we need to lose.

I think these have helped us to ignore weight gain.

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